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Who is the Father of Orchestration and why?

Giovanni Gabrieli (1597-1612) is known as the father of  orchestration. He was arguably the first to specifically designate  instruments in the musical score. Furhtermore, h (MORE)

What is orchestrated?

  Answer   to plan and cause an event or occurence ie..the teacher posted signs for kids to be in a play then gave them roles in the play rented a hall and made the (MORE)

What are the orchestral instruments?

There are man instruments that are a part of the orchestra, depending on how the composer has written. Traditionally, it was comprised of a large string section, a woodwind se (MORE)

Where can you buy orchestral scores?

Most orchestral scores that are not in the Public Domain are "leased" or "rented" from the publisher. The costs associated with the publishing of large scores like these can b (MORE)

What are the orchestral woodwind instruments?

In score order: Piccolo, Flutes (up to 2 parts normally), Oboe (up  to 2 parts normally), English Horn, Clarinet in Eb, Bb Soprano  Clarinet (up to 3 parts normally), Bass C (MORE)