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What is a competitive discount?

A lot of people I talk to think that a competivie discount is just  paying less money for a particular product or service. However, are  they really getting a discount? I re (MORE)

What is a trade discount?

Trade discount is the discount that is deducted from the source and then the actual amount is shown. The trade discounts are not shown in the books of accounts. Only the cash (MORE)
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How do you calculate for the discount?

    First place the price of your object on the calculator, such as $17.79.   Next you multiply it by the percentage of discount, such as $17.79 by 20% of discount (MORE)

How do you find the discount?

Convert the discount into a decimal equivalent by removing the percent sign and placing the decimal 2 places to the left of the number in front of the percent sign. (25% = .25 (MORE)
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What is discount rate?

  Discount Rate = Cap Rate - Genaral Inflation.   If Cap ex % is known then the above formula becomes'   Discount Rate = Cap Rate - Genaral Inflation - Cap Ex %.

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What is commercial discount?

A commercial discount refers to a discount given by businesses to  other businesses. This usually involves contractual agreements that  entail large purchases.
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What is percent discount?

Answer: "The percentage used to discount the price of something for sale." For example: If the percent discount of a product/service is 15% or (15 percent), then it would be (MORE)