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How do you calculate a discount?

I always use a factor of ten. Assume no matter what the discount is it is ten percent to find a ten percent discount just move the decimal point one space to the left, then ta (MORE)

What is the discount?

Discount can be defined that the seller gives the buyer a certain percentage of price concessions on the basis of original price, which means to give appropriate preferential (MORE)

What are cumulative discounts?

It's more than one discount. For instance: Take an additional 20% off the 30% off. You can't just add it to eachother, you have to do the 30% off. Then 20% off that total amo (MORE)

When do you get senior discounts?

When you are 65 and older. Some places offer discounts when you are 50 or 55 or 60. You have to ask each place, restaurants, clothing stores, airlines - anywhere, just always (MORE)
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Is discount negative?

Discount is negtive for the consumer (i.e for the consumer a discount is the price minus a small part of it. But a discount is considered a "good thing" by the consumer rather (MORE)