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How do you calculate for the discount?

    First place the price of your object on the calculator, such as $17.79.   Next you multiply it by the percentage of discount, such as $17.79 by 20% of discount (MORE)

What is dds discount employee dress code?

Black pants, skirt or dress. Black, white, magenta, and teal tops.  (Anything close to this color palate will most likely be fine.  Check with management.) Black footwear. N (MORE)

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What is percent discount?

Answer: "The percentage used to discount the price of something for sale." For example: If the percent discount of a product/service is 15% or (15 percent), then it would be (MORE)
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Where can one find discount codes for Amazon?

Finding coupon codes for Amazon can be done at RetailMeNot and the webiste called Coupons. One has to check back often, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. On RetailM (MORE)