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How do you get discounts on uggs?

  Answer     You may be able to get used ones on Ebay or even cheap new ones on Amazon. If you don't really care about having the actual Ugg brand shoes, You can (MORE)

What is the discount?

Discount can be defined that the seller gives the buyer a certain percentage of price concessions on the basis of original price, which means to give appropriate preferential (MORE)

What is percent discount?

Answer: "The percentage used to discount the price of something for sale." For example: If the percent discount of a product/service is 15% or (15 percent), then it would be (MORE)
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What is block discounting?

Block Discounting is where Individual X, dealing business by way of hire-purchase agreements or credit-sale agreements, contracts with Finance House Y to sell his interest in (MORE)

Where can you get discounts on guns?

Some shops offer discounts to members of certain sporting/shooting organisations, but it's not the norm, unless that shop is owned by the organisation or a member of it. Other (MORE)