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How do you calculate for the discount?

    First place the price of your object on the calculator, such as $17.79.   Next you multiply it by the percentage of discount, such as $17.79 by 20% of discount (MORE)

When is discount allowed to debtors?

  Discount allowed for the early settlement of accounts - This discount is allowed to your debtors or customers at the time of the settlement of their account. You may ag (MORE)

Does discount tires offer military discount?

No, I was in there a few weeks ago and asked. Didn't seem right being that they claim to be the largest independent Tire chain in the world.
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What is cheque discounting?

  Client can take money from bank on the security of post dated cheques issued by their credit worthy customers. The bank in this case is certain that they will get the pa (MORE)

What is commercial discount?

A commercial discount refers to a discount given by businesses to  other businesses. This usually involves contractual agreements that  entail large purchases.
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What is percent discount?

Answer: "The percentage used to discount the price of something for sale." For example: If the percent discount of a product/service is 15% or (15 percent), then it would be (MORE)