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What are examples of discourse?

Discourse is the use of spoken or written language in a social  context. Examples of this are verbal reports, or the description of  language aspects of the world.

What is descriptive discourse?

Descriptive discourse is one of the literary devices used. This  enables the target audience to paint a clear picture in their mind  of the subject in question.

What is a discourse community?

it is a community that has a particular pattern of speech and actions limited to its members only.are any groups that share ways of communicating in terms of established routi (MORE)

How many discourses of Jesus are there in Matthew?

    There are five discourses that Matthew records in his Gospel.     The Sermon on the Mount (5:1-7:29)   The Commission and Instruction of the Twelve (9: (MORE)
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What is direct discourse?

Direct discourse describes the reporting of what someone said in  another context. This generally involves quotes around what the  person said.

What is a discourse analysis?

  Discourse analysis means different things to different people dependent on their philosphocal and theoretical background.   Basically discourse analysis means a way o (MORE)

Sentence for discourse?

The word 'discourse' is a noun. An example of a sentence using the  word would be: The student seemed nervous during her discourse,  even though she was prepared.

What is prescriptive discourse?

Prescriptive discourse is any discourse that promotes what should be thought, spoken, or done.. For example, the sentence 'That window is open' normally expresses a certain d (MORE)

What is dominant discourse?

It's an expression from the field of media criticism, and was influenced by two important theorists of communication-- Michel Foucault and Stuart Hall. A "discourse" is a part (MORE)