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Who discovered Psoriasis?

Scaly skin has been identified as a medical disorder since the ancient Greeks, but it wasn't until 1841 that Psoriasis was "discovered" and named by Austrian dermatologist Fer (MORE)

When was the planet Saturn discovered and who discovered it?

The planet Saturn has been known from ancient times, and it is very hard to say who discovered it. It was named Saturn by the Romans, after their god Saturnus, the god of agri (MORE)
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Who discovered hormones?

William Maddock Bayliss and Ernest Henery Starling, in 1902 Berthold was first in 1849 with the roosters
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Who discovered Canada?

First, the Vikings landed on our shore around the year 500 CE, but then in 1497, John Cabot landed in Canada, becoming the first European explorer to set foot on Canadian soil (MORE)

Who discovered the cell and how did he discovered it?

Robert Hooke discovered the cell in the mid 1600's by looking at a piece of cork in a microscope and noticed it was made up of boxes that looked like prison cells, which is wh (MORE)

How was nobelium discovered?

The discovery of element 102 was first announced by physicists at the Nobel Institute in Sweden in 1957. The team reported that they created an isotope with a half-life of 10 (MORE)

How were antibiotics discovered?

They are based on Penicillin.discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming in London. A man called, Alexander Fleming discovered Antibiotics in 1928 by mistake, it was Penacilin :) (MORE)

When was the walrus discovered?

Adolf Hitler discovered the walrus in the late 1700's. It is not sure as of when or where, but we know...he did it.
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Who discovered autism?

Austrian Hans Asperger began using Bleuler's term "autistic psychopaths" when studying an autism spectrum disorder that was eventually named after him, Asperger's Disorder. Th (MORE)

Who discovered potassium and when was potassium discovered?

sir humprhy davy discovered it in 1807 by running an electrical current through some potash (pot-ash) which melted it making potassium Pot ash is made by burning plant leaves (MORE)