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Discovery of iron?

Iron was discovered thousands ago and no knows the first person to  actually use it. However, the metal was beginning to be used in  many cultures beginning around 1100 BC.

When did the Discovery explode?

It hasn't   Discovery has not exploded and is still in active service. The shuttle Challenger disintegrated on January 28 1986, and Colombia on February 1 2003.
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Discovery of cell?

Robert Hooke is credited for discovering and naming the cells found  in both living and dead organisms. Using the bark of a cork tree,  he was the first to see cells under a (MORE)
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What was Galens discovery?

Galen's most famous discovery was the discovery that our body is controlled by nerves from our brain rather than popular belief at the time that our body is controlled by our (MORE)

What is the age of discovery?

The age of discovery began with the passage of Cape Bojador (in Africa), then known as the end of the world, by the Portuguese Gil Eanes in 1434. Even before the Portuguese ha (MORE)

Discovery of antarctica?

Captain James Cook was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle on the 17th of January, 1773, and reached a latitude of 67 degrees 15 minutes S. It is not clear whether or not (MORE)

What is the Corps of Discovery?

The Corps of Discovery was the group of people who accompanied Lewis and Clark through the Louisiana Purchase and the Oregon Territory. The Corps of Discovery consisted of 45 (MORE)
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What are the discoveries of science?

There have been many significant discoveries in science. Some of  these include inventing electricity, the invention of the  telephone, and the invention of the microscope.

What is a motion of discovery?

A category of procedural devices employed by a party to a civil or criminal action, prior to trial, to require the adverse party to disclose information that is essential for (MORE)

What is discovery and how does electronic discovery differ from traditional discovery?

Discovery is the process by which both sides to a case are given the opportunity to learn about the facts of the case. Discovery can take many forms, such as written questions (MORE)