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What is the Corps of Discovery?

The Corps of Discovery was the group of people who accompanied Lewis and Clark through the Louisiana Purchase and the Oregon Territory. The Corps of Discovery consisted of 45 (MORE)
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What are the discoveries of science?

There have been many significant discoveries in science. Some ofthese include inventing electricity, the invention of thetelephone, and the invention of the microscope.

What is a discovery coin?

Its a valuable treasure or something that means alot to someone .. Or represents a pice of history.. Or certain memories and comfort ..tino ..tino
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When was the discovery of fire?

around the time of Adam and Eve if you believe in that, but if not then, in caveman time.
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What was Galens discovery?

Galen's most famous discovery was the discovery that our body is controlled by nerves from our brain rather than popular belief at the time that our body is controlled by our (MORE)

What did the discovery of penicillin do?

It started a medical revolution in which bacterial sicknesses could be beaten, and spawned a new age in human history in which getting a common sickness is no longer a serious (MORE)

What is discovery and how does electronic discovery differ from traditional discovery?

Discovery is the process by which both sides to a case are given the opportunity to learn about the facts of the case. Discovery can take many forms, such as written questions (MORE)