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Why MBA from your institute?

As a alumni of Sinhgad Institute, Sinhgad Management institute has  an adept Management faculty and a good placement record.They also  provide students with great Infrastruc (MORE)

What is institutional sexism?

Institutional sexism is the discrimination against one gender (usually women) by means of actual rules, such as a rule stating that a particular job can only be filled by a ma (MORE)

What are Civic institutions?

Civic institutions are any institution that exists separate from the State and the Market. In other words, a Civic Institution is one that is not engaged in governance or busi (MORE)

What are mediating institutions?

  In the most general sense "mediating institutions" are institutions that convey the norms and values of a society to individuals, so as to socialize them and integrate t (MORE)
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Institutional writing what is it?

Institutional writing was work written by authors in the 17th and  18th century that formed a body of work of considerable influence  on case law.
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Characteristics of an institution? satisfy basic and specific needs of individuals; 2.have a body of rules which define relations among members and with other institutions; 3.have an established which is h (MORE)

What is a government institution?

  An established organization or foundation, especially one dedicated to education, public service, or culture run by government.     Large organizations influentia (MORE)

What is discovery and how does electronic discovery differ from traditional discovery?

Discovery is the process by which both sides to a case are given the opportunity to learn about the facts of the case. Discovery can take many forms, such as written questions (MORE)