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What is a discrepant behavior?

Answer "Discrepant behavior" . Discrepant means "not compatible with the usual" or not in harmony", thus this might mean the behavior is not usual for that's ou (MORE)

What is status discrepancy?

"status discrepancy" is a misunderstanding of the sociolgical term in the study of social stratification, "status inconsistency," later to become "status crystallization." Exa (MORE)

What does discrepancy mean?

Discrepancy is a conflict or variation, as between facts, figures, or claims. It can also mean the state or quality of being discrepant. Synonyms of discrepancy are disagreeme (MORE)

What are the discrepancies in The Bible?

Another Answer from our community: . There are possibly hundreds of things that some would regard asdiscrepancies in the Bible. It would not be proper to call a singleone of (MORE)