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Is discussed about correct?

Prepositions. (e.g. at, about, for, from, to, with, etc) Prepositions in the English language are a matter of common usage, and it is not always easy to see a pattern. Eve (MORE)

What is roundtable discussion?

Its usually used as an expression for a group or team to sit down to discuss an issue, share opinions, strategies, tactics, creation, maintenance, outcomes assessment, or just (MORE)
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What is symposium discussion?

Symposium can be interpreted as a gathering ,of experts from same fields to solve and discuss some contemporary issue ,related to their own field and generalise the conclusion (MORE)

What is a roundtable discussion?

Usually a meeting of the minds of people who are all able to contribute intelligently on a particular subject. For instance, if the Chamber of Commerce held a round table disc (MORE)
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Is as discussed with you correct?

'As discussed with you' is correct but formal, and could be used in the context of a business correspondence. For example: 'We will arrange for an engineer to attend at your (MORE)

Is discuss singular?

'Discuss' is a verb. In english, only nouns and pronouns havesingular and plural forms. the verb discuss can be used with both singular nouns and pronouns(I discuss) and plur (MORE)