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Should you say discuss or discuss about?

The correct thing to say is "discuss" ,not "discuss about". . Or we might say "the discussion was about....."
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What is the advantage of discussion?

Discussion with a person, who has knowledge, experience and patience would help you manage your stress, caused by a variety of stressors .
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Difference between Discussion and discuss?

Having a discussion means that you had or are talking in a discussion and discuss means like you would ask, "wanna to discuss something?"
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When to use discuss or discussed?

use discuss when you are speaking in present tense. "I would like to dicuss the book, now.". use discuss when you are speaking in past tense. "We discussed the book last mo ( Full Answer )
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Should it be discussion of or discussion on?

It should be "discussion on," as in, "This is a discussion on broccoli, beets, squash, brussel sprouts, and other nutricious, unappetizing vegetables."
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Discuss what sound is?

Sound is something you hear. It is a vibration which travels in waves and then hits your eardrum to make it vibrate, that's how you hear it. It is the second fastest thing, fi ( Full Answer )
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Discuss why you exist?

I exist only because energy can be converted to matter (as Einstein noted in his relativity theory formula of E = m c squared). Consciousness may be a form of energy that i ( Full Answer )
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Is discussed about correct?

Prepositions . (e.g. at, about , for, from, to, with , etc) Prepositions in the English language are a matter of common usage, and it is not always easy to see a pattern. ( Full Answer )