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What is the meaning of Disingenuous?

Insincere, Not straightforward or candid ...and a subtle aspect: Disingenuousness is deliberately giving the false impression of simple frankness. The above is correct, but (MORE)

Disingenuous in a sentence?

Disingenuous is defined as being the act of knowing more than whatis let on. An example of this word in a sentence is "Whenconfronted with the truth he acted disingenuous abou (MORE)

Sentence with disingenuous?

It's disingenuous to search for a sentence with disingenuous. He made several disingenuous promises during the campaign knowing full well that he could never fulfill them. S (MORE)

How can you use the word disingenuous in a sentence?

For Lilian Yates to call the parking attendants ' behavior ' disgusting ' is disingenuous in the extreme. This is, of course, disingenuous to say the least. It would b (MORE)

What is the difference between the words ingenuous and disingenuous?

"Ingenuous" means naive or innocent. (Think of the word "ingenue" for a stage role for a young, innocent woman.) "Disingenuous" looks like it would mean the opposite of "ingen (MORE)
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What does it mean to be disingenuous?

Disingenuous means to be not straight forward or candid. A good example is deliberately giving the false impression that you're not honest about your feelings and pretending (MORE)