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What is the difference between 'uninterested' and 'disinterested'?

Isn't that interesting...   Uninterested means that something is not of interest to you. For example, a US citizen who doesn't care about the 2008 Presidential Election. (MORE)

Disinterested and uninterested?

Disinterested means to be impartial and not having any bias. Uninterested means a lack of concern with any specific topic. So a disinterested person can vote in an election bu (MORE)

How do you use the word disinterest in a sentence?

Disinterested means holding no particular personal interest, otherthan the primary one. eg: "Being disinterested, the judge could make a fair judgement." In this case, it me (MORE)

What makes you disinterested in Politics and Government?

It could be for several reasons. One may be that you are not interested in the news or what is going on where you live--for whatever reasons. Another may be that you feel that (MORE)
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What is the root word for disinterested?

The root word is interest. The dis- prefix indicates separation or  reversal. The -ed suffix just indicates past tense.
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