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How do you dismantle jennings bryco 59?

On the back of the slide, there is a pin that you must push in with a ball point pen or similar while slowly pulling back on the slide and lifting up slightly. Make sure and k (MORE)

How do you dismantle a geocache?

To dismantle your own cache, archive the cache listing and thenremove the cache from ground zero. To dismantle someone else'scache, mark the cache as 'requires archiving' on t (MORE)

How do you dismantle landmines?

There is no one technique, as there is no one landmine. Rather than attempting to dismantle them, the preferred technique is to destroy them where they are found. This may be (MORE)

What can dismantlers do to a car?

Dismantlers attempt to salvage vehicles by taking apart cars so that the parts can be sold for scrap. Dismantlers use tools such as catalytic converter cutters to remove valua (MORE)
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What is dismantle?

To dismantle means to take (a building or structure) to peices akadestroying, taking apart (answer from google put into my own words)