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What does a Vehicle dismantlers do?

Vehicle dismantlers take parts of vehicles off and use them for making new objects. They remove useful parts for resale then recycle the rest.
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How to dismantle a kitchen faucet sprayer?

On most sprayer heads, where the hose goes in unscrews. The first 3/4 inch or so. That lets the head come off and on the end of the hose there should be a C clip on the hose t (MORE)

Why did USSR dismantled in 1991 on history?

The USSR was like the USA in that it was a federal system of states. The Soviet Union had "States Rights" issues. Unlike the United States, being in the Soviet Union was volun (MORE)

How do you dismantle a logitech m305 mouse?

To dismantle a Logitech M305 mouse. First, you need to remove the battery cover by press the cover release button on the underside of the mouse. Second, unscrew the one retain (MORE)

How do you dismantle a geocache?

To dismantle your own cache, archive the cache listing and then  remove the cache from ground zero. To dismantle someone else's  cache, mark the cache as 'requires archiving (MORE)

How do you dismantle landmines?

There is no one technique, as there is no one landmine. Rather than attempting to dismantle them, the preferred technique is to destroy them where they are found. This may be (MORE)
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What is dismantle?

To dismantle means to take (a building or structure) to peices aka  destroying, taking apart (answer from google put into my own words)