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What is Disney?

Disney was made by a man named Walt Disney. also there are shows on  Disney channel, mediecom: 45 satalite: 290 and 291. and there are  places in los angeles and Orlando, in (MORE)
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Why did Disney ban The legend of sleepy hollow?

From what I read it was never banned, just a myth that it once was. I wish they would show the old show and the cartoon verison kids today would like it an it would be better (MORE)

What links legend and urban legend?

What links them is that they're both legends. If you somehow mean how're they different, an urban legend is a legend that is popular in a certain area, maybe because it involv (MORE)

How do get on Disney?

You find a good agent and acting classes and audition. It helps if you can sing or dance.
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What is I Am Legend?

I am Legend is the latest incarnation of "The Omega Man". The Omega Man starred Charlton Heston in the 1960's and was a variation on the man made mutation disaster movie. I a (MORE)
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What differences are there between the legend of mulan and the Disney version?

According to the original scrolls that tell the saga of Mulan, she  was a skilled warrior before she joined the army, challenging her  father for the right to join in his pl (MORE)

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