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Disney's Tarzan Action Game


Game Description

Legendary pulp hero Tarzan made his way to movie theaters once again in Disney's 1999 animated film, and now he can come to your PC in Disney's Action Game: Tarzan. As the Lord of the Apes, your goal is to make your way through 13 levels of jungle adventures and 5 bonus areas in your quest to stop the evil Clayton from destroying the jungle forever.

You start the game as a young Tarzan who learns the ways of the jungle from his pal Terk. As you make your way through the game and enter adulthood, you'll confront Sabor, the leopard who killed Tarzan's parents, run into the beautiful Jane, learn secrets about your past, and save the gorillas from enslavement by the oily Clayton.

Along the way you'll have the assistance of the elephant Tantor, Jane's father Professor Porter and Tarzan's adoptive mother Kala. You have a knife and a spear to help you out of tight spots, and in a pinch you can always surf the trees or perform a gorilla ground-pound to avoid trouble. There are plenty of hidden items to discover, including tokens to accumulate toward an extra life, baby baboon sketches which unlock secret areas, and different kinds of fruit which act as power-ups.

In some of the levels you may have to play Jane, Terk or Tantor, all of whom have special moves of their own. Jane, for example, can use her parasol as a weapon, and Terk can do ground-pounds.

Scattered throughout the game are movie clips which you can view if you collect the letters in Tarzan's name, and plenty of music inspired by the feature film comes from your speakers as you play.
~ Brad Cook, All Game Guide

Roots & Influences

The game is based on the 1999 animated Disney movie Tarzan. Tarzan was created by pulp fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs in the early 1900s and has starred in many novels, comic books and movies since then.

The character also appeared in the 1982 arcade game Jungle King but Burroughs' estate sued Taito, who eventually changed the main character to a pith-helmeted explorer and called the new version Jungle Hunt.
~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide

Review: Overall

In this wonderful, challenging game replete with twists, turns and surprises throughout, young Tarzan swings, climbs, punches, knifes and jumps his way through the jungle as he fights off foes. Along the way, he grabs coins for points, eats bananas for energy and listens to advice from Terk, who emerges at strategic points to offer additional pointers to keep Tarzan safe.

A fun and challenging element of the game is the requirement to carefully select targets to throw power fruits at since hitting friends will drive them away. Throughout the game levels, you meet new friends and foes that must be dealt with accordingly in order to advance to new levels and get help. For example, a friendly emu shows up to offer Tarzan a ride so he can reach new heights and out-of-reach prizes. But, if you throw fruit at the emu and chase him away, you won't be able to reach the prizes. Be on the lookout, though, for the wild boar!

The friends and enemies encountered in the game have unique skills and challenges to master. Mastering the interface, though, is one of the most frustrating parts of the game because of the clumsy keystroke scheme, which hinders progress. Fortunately, Tarzan gets several tries at each level to make it to the next one, giving you plenty of chances to move ahead. Movement and control, however, is much easier with a gamepad than keyboard.

The wonderfully rich Disney graphics have enough depth to allow you to actually gauge how far you must make Tarzan jump to reach a certain vine or scale a tall cliff. Though it takes practice to master his moves and learn to outwit foes, especially with the keyboard, this aspect is also part of the fun and challenge. If you use up all chances at a specific level without completing it, the game resets you at the first level to begin again. Having to replay levels to regain the progress made has the potential to be annoying but, fortunately, with practice you can easily move through already conquered areas.

The overall effect of the sound is quite good and helps maintain the aura of a jungle environ. Tarzan's feet scrabble for a hold as he scrambles up a cliff, coconuts thump as a naughty baboon tosses them at our hero, the approach of some enemies and foes can be heard while a rich background of jungle noises provides appropriate ambience throughout.
~ Kim Olson, All Game Guide

Review: Enjoyment

Some frustration is inherent in the clumsy nature of the keyboard controls and, for optimal play, it's necessary to have a gamepad -- a fact clearly stated in the software documentation. Forcing gamers to buy a gamepad to enjoy optimal play isn't particularly welcome when many similar games on the market have very workable keyboard schemes. Nonetheless, even with this shortcoming gameplay is still enjoyable.
~ Kim Olson, All Game Guide

Review: Graphics

Wonderful Disney graphics with depth and vibrant colors. You can even gauge distances for Tarzan to climb and jump.
~ Kim Olson, All Game Guide

Review: Sound

The overall effect of the ambient jungle sounds is quite good. The major drawback is that sounds of conquered enemies remain active, thus, even after the wild boar is dispatched, his snorting, pawing and grunting can still be heard in the background throughout the level.
~ Kim Olson, All Game Guide

Review: Replay Value

The many levels and new surprises make the game exciting and challenging and offer good replay value.
~ Kim Olson, All Game Guide

Review: Documentation

A detailed help file is included in the game along with a short but adequate manual.
~ Kim Olson, All Game Guide

Production Credits

DISNEY INTERACTIVE Senior Producer: Dan Winters; Associate Producer: Daniel Suarez; Art Direction: Christina Vann; Assistant Producer: Renée Johnson; Senior Artist: Thom Ang; Senior Computer Artist: Jeff Berting; Computer Artist: Tom Barlow; Dialogue Editing: Brian Truitt; Film Footage Audio Engineer: Randy Coppinger; Senior Lead Tester: Carlos Schulte; Lead Tester: Patrick Larkin; Testers: Andre Aguilar, Daniel Alvarado, Kristin Bachman, Roger Bray, Kevin Cope, Dennis Espinoza, Amir Firozkar, Romy Flores, Ernie Gallardo, Bryan Martinez; Customer Support Liaison: Eric Burgess; Product Marketing: Michael Radiloff; Public Relations: Russell Kelban, Htwe Han; Creative Services: Shawn Markert, Nina Harju; Web Site: Janet Kirker, Rod Cha; VOICE TALENTS Tarzan: Tony Goldwyn; Young Tarzan: Alex D. Linz; Clayton: Brian Blessed; Jane: Naia Kelly; Tantor: Jim Cummings; Terk: Audrey Wasilewski; Professor Porter: Val Bettin; Kerchak: Gregg Berger; Kala: Suzanne Blakeslee; Baby Baboon: Chris Sanders; Thugs: Cory Burton; ORIGINAL SONGS FROM DISNEY'S TARZAN MOTION PICTURE; "Two Worlds"; Produced and Arranged by: Phil Collins, Mike Mancina; Performed by: Phil Collins; "Son of Man"; Produced, Arranged and Performed by: Phil Collins; "Strangers Like Me" ; Produced and Performed by: Phil Collins; Arranged by: Phil Collins, Mark Mancina; "Trashin' The Camp"; Produced, Arranged and All Instruments Performed by: Phil Collins; Vocals by: Phil Collins and Rosie O'Donnell; Phil Collins appears courtesy of Atlantic Records; Copyright: ©1998 The Walt Disney Music Company; Music for CD-ROM Arranged and Recorded by: Steve Duckworth; EUROCOM DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED Production: Jon Williams, Mat Sneap; Programming: Kevin Stainwright, Dave Pridmore, Stuart Johnson, Julian Vaughan, Steve Bak, Kris Adcock, Tim Rogers; Graphics: Matt Dixon, Clive Stevenson, Steve Bamford, Jon Parr, Rob Benton; Animation: Mark Povey, Brian Malone-West, Brian Rogers, Adam King, Michael Biggs; Sound: Steve Duckworth; Tools Support: Andy Mitchell, Chris Jackson, Kevin Marks; QA Manager: Michael Botham; Testers: Phillip Bennett, Mike Robinson, John Barker, Phil Baker, Andy Collins; CREATIVE CAPERS ENTERTAINMENT Tarzan Reference Animation Created by: Creative Capers Entertainment; SPECIAL THANKS Walt Disney Feature Animation: Bonnie Arnold, Kevin Lima, Chris Buck, Dan St. Pierre, Dan Cooper, Todd Nielsen, Glen Keane, Hendel Boutoy, Juliet Nees, Jennifer Hughes, Patsy Bouge, Robert Bagley; Walt Disney Character Voices: Rick Dempsey, Beth Glenday, Dana Hinton-Ward, Suzy Lum; Creative Capers Entertainment: Sue Shakespeare, Terry Shakespeare, David Molina, Darci Ernst, Michael Kiely, C. J. Sarachene, Greg Tiernan, Matt Bates; Jungle Friends: Phil Collins, Mark Mancina, Matthew Labyorteaux, Nancy Wiley, Eric Van Beek, Melanie Mullins, Jason Chayes, Luigi Priore, Teresa Banks, Sue Fuller, Mary Schuyler, Rachel Bryant, Oliver Wade, Disney Interactive Video Games Group
~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide

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