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What is Disney?

Disney was made by a man named Walt Disney. also there are shows on  Disney channel, mediecom: 45 satalite: 290 and 291. and there are  places in los angeles and Orlando, in (MORE)

Who are the Disney princes?

There are ten Disney princes. Few of them are featured in  merchandise without their corresponding princess, unlike the Disney  Princesses who have their own merchandise lin (MORE)

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What does Disney own?

The Walt Disney company owns abc television group like abc, ESPN, Disney channel soapnet ABC, ABC Family, ABC Kids, Walt Disney Distribution, Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group (MORE)

How do get on Disney?

You find a good agent and acting classes and audition. It helps if you can sing or dance.
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What is the cast connection store at Disney World?

  Cast Connection is a store for Disney Cast Members and their friends and family only. The store offers outdated and overflow merchandise to Cast Members at a discount. C (MORE)

Where is Disney located?

The Walt Disney Company is headquartered in Burbank, CA on the Walt Disney Studios Lot. Business units are headquartered throughout the world including but not limited to: Sea (MORE)