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Is disodium phosphat healthy?

For the benefit of those who do not know, disodium hydrogen phosphate (Na2HPO4) is a sodium salt of phosphoric acid. Disodium phosphate is used in cream of wheat to quicken co (MORE)

What is the difference between disodium edetate and EDTA?

EDTA is in full name writing: 'Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid', a tetraprotic (H+) acid. It's IUPAC name is 2,2',2,2'-(Ethane-1,2-diyldinitrilo)-tetra-acetic acid Shorthanded (MORE)

What is disodium inosinate used for?

Disodium guanylate is a chemical additive that enhances or  intensifies savory flavors. It is used with monosodium glutamate  (MSG) to make the MSG more powerful. Foods it i (MORE)

What is the difference between disodium hydrogen phosphate and disodium hydrogen orthophosphate?

In my opinion there is no such difference. The ortho-prefix is added to be more precise (H3PO4 and linear polyphosphates) and to exclude the other possible meta-prefix (for cy (MORE)

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