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Is disorderly conduct a crime of conviction?

Unsure what it information is being sought. Disorderly Conduct is generally (always?) charged as a misdemeanor. It is considered to be a "public order" offense and, yes, you c (MORE)

What is the maximum fine for Disorderly Conduct in PA?

  Disorderly Conduct Penalties     A charge of disorderly conduct may be designated as either a misdemeanor in the third degree (Misdemeanor 3) or a summary offen (MORE)

How do you prove disorderly conduct?

The acts constituting disorderly conduct are somehwat differently worded in different jurisdictions. Look up your local statute and the actions are enumerated there. When the (MORE)

Is using profanity considered disorderly conduct?

That would depend on where you are. in some places nothing isthought of it. Yet in others, you could be beheaded for it. In thewestern world profanity and all other forms of i (MORE)

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