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What is dispersion?

White light is a combination of seven colours (VIBGYOR) . When they passed through prism each wave travels at different speeds (having different energies and wave lengths) spl ( Full Answer )
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What is dispersal?

Scattering away from a point, as in the scattering of seed away from the parent plant.
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How is pollen dispersed?

Pollen can be distributed in several ways. Pollen can be carried bythe wind, by bees as they gather nectar and by sticking to the legsand fur of other passing animals.
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What is after dispersal?

After the seeds are dispersed and they land somewhere suitable,they will only germinate in the presence of Water,oxygen and warmth.Afterward,the cycle continues....
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How does angsana disperse?

It is disperse by wind because of it's wing-like structure which enables it to float along with the wind.
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What is disperse dye?

Disperse Dye is an organic dye used to dye cellulose acetate and are water soluble. These dyes are mainly use in dying of polyester, nylon and acrylic fibers.
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What is dispersed phase and dispersion medium?

A colloid may consist of a mixture of solid in liquid in which solid form is called dispersed phase and the liquid component is called dispersion medium
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What is dispersal to a seed?

Seed Dispersal is when the seeds scatter on the ground.When the seeds disperse they scatter.