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How does apple disperse?

apple is dispersed by animals because the seeds are in the apple and the apple needs to be eaten by a living creature animal or human so the apple seeds are dispersed by the (MORE)

How do guava dispersal?

Guava seed dispersal : guava seed are normally dispersed via ingestion by animals (mostly birds and mammals). This method is also called endozoochory. Endozoochory is genera (MORE)
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What is after dispersal?

After the seeds are dispersed and they land somewhere suitable,they will only germinate in the presence of Water,oxygen and warmth.Afterward,the cycle continues....
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What is solid dispersion?

The solid dispersion is a dispersion of one or more ingredient in a inert matrix at solid state,
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What is the dispersion of milk?

The proteins that milk contains are a colloidal dispersion, which  means they are dispersed in a liquid. Milk's butterfat globules  disperse with a solution that is water-ba (MORE)