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Where is the constitution displayed?

It was stored in various cities until 1952, when it was placed in the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C. During the daytime, pages one and four of the document are (MORE)

What is a display cable?

  Answer   Hard to tell without the context, but is is probably the lead between your video output and monitor. This is usually a standard VGA cable, but could possi (MORE)

What is LED display?

LED Stands for Light Emmiting Diodes and Displays are the screens  are made of Light emitting techniques.LED Displays are one of the  best medium for promoting our business (MORE)

What are eggcrate displays?

  An eggcrate display is a display technology that consists of a matrix of light bulbs, usually incandescent. Behind the matrix lies a foam backing with a series of indent (MORE)
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What is virtuosic display?

Virtuosic is skill, normally in an art, such as music. Display must mean how you show your skill, or perhaps the visual presentation of your virtuosity.

What is retina display?

The iPhone 4 has what Apple is calling "Retina Display". What they mean is that the human eye can only see around 300 pixels per inch and they have built the iPhone 4 with 326 (MORE)

What is RGBY display?

It is a type of display that consists of 4 LEDs per pixel each individual LED is a different color, so instead of it being RGB display, which consists of 3 LEDs per pixel, eac (MORE)

What is Holographic Display?

A hologram is created using a very specific technique involving the  interference of light waves from a laser to reconstruct an image on  a 2D surface in a way that appears (MORE)