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Can a disposable diaper be reused?

The question squicks me, and my first response is 'Oh dear God I hope not.' The key word in Disposable Diaper is 'Disposable'. The things were made to be discarded. Logicall (MORE)

Dog eats disposable diaper?

This can be very serious as it happened to my dog last night. Luckily my husband is a vet and we took the dog in.  If this happens, take the dog to the vet and have them in (MORE)

Are disposable diaper biodegradable?

  Not really. Most disposable diapers are comprised of plastics, many of which can take centuries and even millenia to completely decompose. As for the bodily waste in the (MORE)

What is disposable diapers?

Being the word 'disposable' means to throw away, and diapers are an  absorbent item a baby needs to keep from 'leaking' their urine onto  other items when they are a baby. A (MORE)

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Would anyone sell the wet disposable diapers from their diaper pail?

There are 2 possible answers for this Question.    1) A person would sell them to a poor family, mother, father, etc.   because the family might not have money to b (MORE)