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How do you Dispose of insulation?

Insulation that contains asbestos should be disposed of by atrained hazard waste crew. Insulation from wiring should be treatedas a plastic and disposed of in plastic receptac ( Full Answer )
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What is improper disposal?

Biohazardous material much be disposed of in such a manner as to sequester the hazardous material until it can be destroyed in a manner that renders it non-hazardous. Any othe ( Full Answer )
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What is disposed?

It means - an inclination, a tendency, or a frame of mind . . .
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Why dispose of paint?

you should dispose of paint because some can be a safety hazord but you have to be cautiouse how you do it.
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What does a waste disposal do?

Waste disposals or garbage disposals are unit used in the kitchen, and mounted under the sink between the drain and the trap. They grind or shred food particles and waste into ( Full Answer )
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What is record disposing?

record disposing is the elimination of records when the time is due for disposal.... i believe that this is true because i go to record disposing universty in mexico. its a tr ( Full Answer )
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What is disposable diapers?

Being the word 'disposable' means to throw away, and diapers are anabsorbent item a baby needs to keep from 'leaking' their urine ontoother items when they are a baby. A dispo ( Full Answer )
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How do you dispose of alcohol?

To dispose Alcohol from sight one must; hide bottles of it, you have the smell of it on you breath so brush your teeth, freshen up the air around and act casual. That is all.
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How is platinum disposed?

Platinum, along with the rest of the platinum metals, is obtained commercially as a by-product from nickel and copper mining and processing. During electrorefining of copper, ( Full Answer )
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How do you dispose of a turtle?

go to a nearby pond and drop em off. preferably the ones with other animals in and around the pond. summer/spring time would be best