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What are dissection tools?

Laboratory tools used to dissect (dead but formerly living) organisms such as frogs and human body parts. They include scissors, scalpels, razor blades, saws, forceps, tongs, (MORE)
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What are dissection pins?

dissection pins are little needles used to pin (in the case of a frog for example) the frogs hands and feet to the dissection tray. in some cases, dissection pins aren't neede (MORE)

Why is dissecting bad?

Some people don't like dissecting things because it bothers them to cut something open and look at what is inside. Dissection is part of learning and is done is most school (MORE)
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What is axillary dissection?

Axillary dissection is a surgical procedure that incises (opens) the armpit (axilla or axillary) to identify, examine, or remove lymph nodes (small glands, part of the lymphat (MORE)
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What is a dissect?

a dissect is when you open up something a you find things inside it. its like cutting a body in half to see what is inside that body. dissect is just a fancy word for opening (MORE)