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Uses of dissecting pin?

A dissecting pin is used to stabilize or keep still the organism you are dissecting at that particular time.
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Dissecting pan function?

The dissecting pan is used to put dead organisms that you are going to dissect so you won't make a mess while you are dissecting the animal.
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Where do they get the frog that you dissect in science?

They get the frog's from a factory and they are either dead or alive. And you just take apart the frog in science. And if you don't want to dissect a real frog then ask your t (MORE)
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What is the function dissecting pins?

The function for dissecting pins is holding down the skins or body .
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Do you have to dissect to become a chiropractor?

Yes, As part of a 4 year doctorate degree in chiropractic, a student spends about 250 hours dissecting human cadavers. At the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College studen (MORE)

What is a dissecting kit?

  A dissecting kit is a set of instruments that would be needed to perform a dissection (that is to cut open and display) on an animal or plant. The kit would contain sc (MORE)

What are frog dissection methods?

The most common frog dissection method is to slice a capital "I" shape on the ventral side of the frog. Peel open and pin back the skin, then repeat this for the muscle layer. (MORE)

What is the use of a dissection board?

Dissecting boards are used to protect the lab and its furnishings and to facillitate dissection processes. They are made of materials that are durable and provide good contr (MORE)