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What is an example sentence for the word dissemble?

When asked for a report of that night's activities, Tolin startedto dissemble, concealing his involvement with a turn of phrase, asuggestion here, a shake of the head there. T (MORE)

What does dissembling mean?

The word "Dissemble" means to hide behind a false appearance. For example... A magician dissembles because what he's really doing isn't what he pretends to be doing. It is all (MORE)
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What does Dissembly mean?

There is no such word. If you mean 'dissemble' that means to give a false or misleading appearance to something or to conceal the truth or the real nature.
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Can you trust a dissembler?

It is usually not a wise decision to trust a dissembler. This issomeone who is hiding their true motives or feelings behind a falseappearance. In other words, they are putting (MORE)

How do you dissemble a bike chain?

If it has a quicklink/master link you can pop that open to pull the chain off the bike. If it hasn't I'd recommend a chain breaker tool. If you're not planning to reuse the ch (MORE)