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What does disseminates mean?

Verb to disseminate ( third-person singular simple present disseminates , present participle disseminating , simple past and past participle disseminated ) . (MORE)

How do you disseminate Information?

we can disseminate information through technology such as internet internet, cellular phone, telephone or any gadget that made by the technology. we can also disseminate infor (MORE)
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What is a disseminated adenocarcinoma?

From three websites including, I have come to theconclusion that Adenocarcinoma is a type of cancerous (malignant)tumor that can appear anywhere in the body but (MORE)

How do you disseminate knowledge?

2nd chance: Disseminate knowledge in modern world today is more convenient than in America's early years. There is an old joke about this, and the answer is "Tell a Woman" ins (MORE)
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Dissemination of aikido?

Dissemination of aikido actually represents a departure from the Founder's approach in favor of the use of the opponents speed and stgrengh to fight againts him. Aikido was ac (MORE)
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What does it mean to disseminate?

Disseminate means to spread something far apart, like news but also objects. Thoughts can be spread as well. If a star explodes all its atoms are disseminated across the unive (MORE)
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What does dissemination mean?

The general definition of the word dissemination means to open a subject to large debate and discussion. It is a way for multiple people to give input on a subject.