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How does fog dissipate?

Answer . When temperature increases and humidity of air decreases the fog dissipates.. Answer,. Fog is moisture in the air condensing due to cooler ambient temperature at (MORE)

What does dissipated mean?

DISSIPATED (adjective) The adjective DISSIPATED has 2 senses: . 1. unrestrained by convention or morality 2. preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially ga (MORE)

What is dissipation?

Dissipation is a term refereeing to any device when power is applied. All devices have a power dissipation rating which varies with ambient temperature and medium of power dis (MORE)

What is dissipation of energy?

Simply: Losing energy to the outside of a system. For example: During the winter months a home is kept much warmer that the outside air. If the furnace/boiler were switch (MORE)
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How do clouds dissipate?

First understand how clouds form. When moist air at 100% humidity cools the air can't hold the moisture and the water condenses into colloidal droplets which can stay airborne (MORE)

How do tornadoes dissipate?

How tornadoes dissipate is not fully understood. However it is believed cold air flowing out from either the downdraft portion of the tornado's parent thunderstorm or that o (MORE)
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When does dissipation happen?

when a absoluteness deter-med theme happens such as a solar system which dedicates from time which has similarities of many item.