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What is Power dissipation?

As power is defined as the rate of energy transfer, 'power dissipation' is a measure of the rate at which energy is dissipated, or lost, from an electrical system. When an ele (MORE)

How does fog dissipate?

Answer   When temperature increases and humidity of air decreases the fog dissipates.   Answer,   Fog is moisture in the air condensing due to cooler ambient temper (MORE)

What causes thunderstorms to dissipate?

When there is no more warm air rising into the atmosphere, there is no energy to operate the convection within a thunderstorm. This usually occurs when cooler air condenses th (MORE)

How do you reduce the Power dissipation?

If, by 'power dissipation', you mean 'power loss' along a power line, then the usual way of doing this is to reduce the value of the load current. In transmission/distribution (MORE)

What is dissipation of energy?

Simply: Losing energy to the outside of a system. For example: During the winter months a home is kept much warmer that the outside air. If the furnace/boiler were switche (MORE)