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What is a dissociation?

Dissociation is a chemical phenomenon: splitting of an ioniccompound in ions or radicals. This process is generally reversible.

Does HEPES dissociate?

HEPES is a type of zwitterionic organic chemical buffering agent.It is able to dissociate and its dissociation decreases as thetemperature decreases.

What is auto dissociation?

Autodissociation, or autoionization is the spontaneous separation of molecules into ions . A molecule, or a set of molecules will split up to form a number of positive ch (MORE)

What is photochemical dissociation?

The meaning of the term dissociation in chemistry is splitting of acompound in ions, radials etc; photochemical dissociation is theprocess performed under irradiation with vis (MORE)
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What is dissociative reactions?

The role of panic in acute dissociative reactions following trauma. . Bryant RA, Panasetis P.. Source School of Psychology, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australi (MORE)

What does water dissociate into-?

H"O dissociates into H+ + OH- . Note that the H+, a proton isactually present in aqueous solution as OH3+, O2H5+ , as itassociates with water molecules which are themselves hy (MORE)