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Is Wales a part of England?

No, Wales and England, along with Scotland are three separate countries on the island called Britain. These three countries, along with Northern Ireland form the United Kingdo (MORE)

A major airport in Wales England?

Wales is its own country it is not in England nor part of the country of England. Wales, as well as England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are part of the United Kingdom. The (MORE)

When was Henrys dissolution of the Monasteries?

Dissolution of the Monasteries happened between 1536 and 1541 by which Henry shut down all the Monasteries in England, Wales and Ireland. He did this because he wanted a divor (MORE)

What is the sea between England and Wales?

England and Wales are connected by land but there is a body of water between parts of England and Wales. The body of water between the south-west of England and the South of W (MORE)

Why was Wales a threat to England?

Wales is not a threat to England. The two form part of the same country, the United Kingdom. Wales was divided into a number of separate areas or kingdoms around the year 490, (MORE)

How far is Wales from Suffolk in England?

246 mi - about 4 hours 49 mins driving time.    Suffolk, UK to Wales, United Kingdom   1. Head west on Combs Ln toward Wash Ln 0.3 mi   2. Turn right at B1115/F (MORE)

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