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What are beverages?

A beverage is anything you drink, normally an aqeuous solution  (e.g. Coca-Cola, lemonade, wine).    ===   From what I read, beverages are mainly liquids for the c (MORE)
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What is a distillation disadvantage of fractional distillation?

Following are the distillation disadvantages of fractional distillation process - Fractional distillation is a continuous process of distillation. It can not handle small quan (MORE)
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What is distillation?

The process of evaporation(boiling) and condensation at the same time (simultaneously) to get pure liquid from a solution is known as Distillation. Distillation is the metho (MORE)

Why the distillate from steam distillation was turbid?

  Steam distillation is used to separate immiscible (normally organic) liquids from each other. Adding the steam, depresses the boiling point of the mixture. After condens (MORE)
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What does Distillation do?

Distillation separates out the different constituents of a liquid mixture. So, say you have made some alcohol in a home-made way you would have a mixture of alcohol, water and (MORE)
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