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How is water distilled?

    Distillation is achieved by boiling the water and collecting and cooling the evaporate in a sterile container.
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What can be separated by distillation?

A mixture of liquids with different boiling points like water and ethanol or crude oil which is a mixture of hydrocarbons. It can also be used to separate a solution into its (MORE)
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What is cryogenic distillation?

Cryogenic distillation is very similar to any other distillation process except it is used to separate components of a gaseous mixture. The process is usually carried out at v (MORE)

What are beverages?

A beverage is anything you drink, normally an aqeuous solution  (e.g. Coca-Cola, lemonade, wine).    ===   From what I read, beverages are mainly liquids for the c (MORE)

Why the distillate from steam distillation was turbid?

  Steam distillation is used to separate immiscible (normally organic) liquids from each other. Adding the steam, depresses the boiling point of the mixture. After condens (MORE)

What are the nutritive value of a beverages and kinds of beverages.?

Aside from water, most beverages have no nutritional value. Fruit juices made from concentrate have had their original nutrients processed out of them and are nothing more tha (MORE)
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What is the fractional distilation?

In distillation you boil off the substance you want ... then re-condense it. In fractional distillation you boil up a mixture of original substance ... and tap off the "st (MORE)