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What distinguishes a chordate?

At some point in all chordates' lives, they have a notochord, a nerve chord, gill slits and a tail. Some chordates are more complex though.
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How do you distinguish elements?

Elements are distinguished by their atomic number, which is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom. The element's atomic number determines its chemical properties.
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How are gender distinguish?

Gender is mainly distinguished by the reproductive organs but there is also a difference in height, shoulder width, hip width, breasts and the type and amount of hormones your (MORE)

What distinguishes mammals?

Mammals have internal breeding and have sexual intercourse in order to fertalize the eggs. Other animals have external breeding where the female lays the eggs and then the mal (MORE)

How do you distinguish a element?

Elements are pretty much defined by the number of protons in the  nucleus. This number (the atomic number) defines the element. All  the different elements have different nu (MORE)