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What is distortion?

An unwanted sound or the sound that gets with intended voicemessage due to system or other errors is called as "Distortion'. Ithamper's the communication and can be frustratin ( Full Answer )
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What is the distortion?

What is distortion? . Amplitude distortion occurs in an electronic signal when the power of the amplifier is not great enough to carry the sine wave to its intended peak amp ( Full Answer )
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How do you get guitar distorted?

Distortion on a guitar is achieved in various ways; effects pedals, adjusting you amplifiers channels or by playing the guitar close to the speaker so its picking up its own s ( Full Answer )
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What are perceptual distortions?

Perceptual Distortion means the perceptual barriers and differences. It includes: Stereotyping means when we generalize. think of a social group which you may have come ( Full Answer )
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Why do maps have distortion?

Try taking the peel of an orange and laying it out flat so that all the edges meet up - you can't! Well the earth is also a ball and when you try and represent the curved su ( Full Answer )
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What is distortion in maps?

Distortions are a bit hard to explain but the general idea is that the world is like an orange skin - if you peel off the skin and spread it out (in one piece), then you have ( Full Answer )
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Is their a sentence with distort?

There are several ways to use the word distort in a sentence. Onesentence for the word is; Shelly tries to distort the truth whenshe is in trouble.
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What is visual distortion?

That is what you see through a warped or bent sheet of glass. Images will not be true.
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Are globes distorted?

While many people will claim globes are not distorted, they often are. All spatial projection have an inherant range of distortion. However, a globe offers the possibality of ( Full Answer )
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What is aperture distortion?

aperture distortion,it occurs due to flat top sampling. when the flat top sampling are observed through a finite duration rather than infinitisimal time is called aperture di ( Full Answer )