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What is guitar distortion?

A clean tone is the sound a guitar string makes when it is plucked. A common sound manipulation trick used in rock, and well, most types of music involving guitars, is "distor (MORE)
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What is the distortion?

What is distortion? . Amplitude distortion occurs in an electronic signal when the power of the amplifier is not great enough to carry the sine wave to its intended peak amp (MORE)

What is communication distortion?

distortion , in acoustics and electronics, any change in a signal that alters the basic waveform or the relationship between various frequency components; it is usually (MORE)
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What is distortion on a map?

Distortion on a map is when you look at a map flat. A globerepresents it better, but when you look at it on a flat map, itbecomes distorted. Size, shape and position change on (MORE)
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How do you get distortion on your amp?

If your amplifier does not have an effects circuit, you can simply buy an overdrive pedal for very little money which will definitely do the trick. Also you can try to turn th (MORE)
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What is a spacial distortion?

A spacial distortion is like a black hole or the Big bang. It is not certain what it really is, but scientists are working on that... this is what I know so far, a spacial dis (MORE)

What is gravity distortion?

Gravity bends space, and because light travels through spacegravity distorts light. Actually, gravity warps spacetime, so justas space is bent, so is time. Gravity thus distor (MORE)