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What is distributive art?

Distributive art is art that is meant to be shared with the world.  The artist may have world peace as a meaning in the photo for  example that he would like to distribute t (MORE)

What does distribute mean?

It means to give shares of something or to deal out. For example: Information leaflets are being distributed to hotels and guest houses. Some synonyms are: give out, deal out, (MORE)

How are newspapers distributed?

Newspaper Distribution  Responsibility for getting the newspaper from the press to the reader falls to the distribution division. Large newspapers publish two, three or even (MORE)

What is binomial distribution?

For an experiment to be classified as a binomial distrbution four critiria have to be met: There must be a fixed number of trials which is denoted by n.Each trial only has two (MORE)

How are cars distributed?

Many cars are sent from the factories on trains or long haul car transporters to sales agencies. Here in western Canada thousands of cars arrive from Asia in huge ships and ar (MORE)
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What is distribution in kind?

    Distribution of asssets "in kind" generally means that the asset itself is distributed to a beneficiary as opposed to the asset being sold with the cash being dist (MORE)

What is abnormal distribution?

A standard distribution regards 95% of all data being within  2-standard deviations of either side. Similarly, within one  standard deviation either way is 68% of all data. (MORE)

Where are religions distributed?

The various religions are heavily mixed together but generically speaking: Buddhism spreads from north of the Himalayas to the Pacific Ocean. Hinduism and related religions s (MORE)
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How are molecules distributed?

That depends on the phase of the matter. In a gas they are distributed randomly (or so I've been told by my college teacher, perhaps someone from a university could tell) and (MORE)
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What is distribution in species?

Species distribution is the manner in which a biological taxon is  spatially arranged. Species distribution is not to be confused with  dispersal, which is the movement of i (MORE)