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Who owns the disused railway lines in England?

A lot of lines are owned by brb residuary who took over british railways boards remaining liabilities on privatisation, this extends to non operational railway yards, land etc (MORE)

What is the example of use and disuse?

USE if a giraffe used it's neck a lot, it will get longer, and its offspring will get long necks too. DISUSE penguins have small wings because they don't use the (MORE)
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What does disuse mean?

disuse means: no longer in use, obsolete. It can also refer to neglect. please see related link

The theory of use and disuse?

The theory of use and disuse of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, advocated the idea that animals acquired characteristics after using certain physical traits constantly. For example, he (MORE)
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Who disproved Lamarck's theory of use and disuse?

If I'm not mistaken the Law of Use and Disuse was disproved by August Weisman (scientist) several years after the death of Darwin (late 1800's).. Weisman thought that if the (MORE)
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What are disused quarries used for?

there are several different things they can be used for · Landfill site · Recycling facilities · Industry · Agriculture · Forestry · Leisure facilities (MORE)