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How do you ditch a friend?

Well, if they're really nice, you don't. If they're ruda and annoying, stop answering their phone calls. Don't call them back. If you see them, act bored, or uninterested. Tha (MORE)

Has science ditched God?

It really depends on the individual scientist. Some scientist areextremely atheist or agnostic. Others are Christian, Jewish,Muslim, or a number of other religions. An exampl (MORE)

How do you ditch a girl?

    Calmly explain your reasoning for this. Choose nice soothing words, and if she is leaving; in a strop; don't chase after her; this may make her think you have chan (MORE)

Why did Romeo ditch mercutio and benvolio?

Romeo wanted to be alone with Juliet so he could tell her how much he loved her. The last person he wanted around was that wisecracking foulmouthed joker Mercutio. (I'm sure h (MORE)

Can tornado dip down into ditches?

Technically they don't dip into ditches and even if they did the windspeed would be far less in the smaller space. They say that if you are in the open, a ditch is your best c (MORE)

Why do you go to a ditch during a tornado?

Despite it being a funnel, you are less likely to be pulled into a tornado if you are below ground level. The wind tend to go over the ditch more than they go into it. Additio (MORE)

What does it mean if you're ditching me?

It means to leave someone. It can be permanently, as when leaving a relationship, or just abandoning someone for the moment, such as at a party. Ditching school means you are (MORE)

Why is a ditch safe during a tornado?

It is safer than flat ground or flimsy structures, because a) you  are less directly in the wind flow, and b) you are out of the path  of some of the debris being carried by (MORE)