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What rhymes with ditch?

bitch -- Me and my friend wrote a poem: Reighnbeaux: A fish in a hitch. Reighnbeaux: Decided to dig a ditch. Reighnbeaux: And in that ditch. Reighnbeaux: Saw a bitch. (MORE)

How can you ditch school?

Your parent drops you off leave the school before it starts and gointo a nearby store that your parents never go to until 3pm. well u have 2 go 2 school and then when u paren (MORE)

What do you do about a ditching friend?

Well, I've had a friend who has ditched me before and at the end of the day you can't have someone doing that too you because if there just gonna drop you how can you trust (MORE)
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What is irrigation ditche?

Irrigation ditches are manmade channels that deliver water tohomes, farms, industries and other human uses.

How do you ditch lessons?

you run away from class as soon you get within two meters of the door, screaming "IM DITCHING CLASS IM DITCHING CLASS HAHA YOU CANT CATH ME" if that doesn't work (it never di (MORE)

What are synonyms for ditches?

Words that mean about the same as ditches include culverts, trenches, gullies, channels, troughs, or canals.