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What is the difference between the Div and Span tag?

A div is a block element. This means that if you use a div, unless  you float objects next to it using CSS, the div will be alone on a  line. A span is an inline element. Th (MORE)
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How many div 1 NCAA schools in Pennsylvania?

There are 3 Division 1-A football schools in PA:   Temple, Pittsburgh, Penn State   There are 8 Division 1-AA football schools in PA:   Bucknell, Duquesne, Lafayette, (MORE)

What do Home Road Div Conf mean in NFL standings?

Home means the team's record in games played in its home stadium. Road means its record in other teams' stadiums. Div. refers to a team's record in its division. Conf. means r (MORE)

Mythology about Hercules?

Born of Zeus and Alcmena, he was raised by his mother and stepfather, Amphriton. Hera, hating Zeus for sleeping around (Ever looked at a family tree, almost everyone born afte (MORE)

What is the primary difference between Div. 1A and 1AA schools?

Div. 1A is a lot better! :)         From NCAA website: What's the difference between Divisions I, II and III? Division I Division I member institutions have (MORE)

What does a div tag do in HTML?

A Div tag can be used for formatting a block of text, images, other  divs or any other element of a website, even if these elements are  included within some other tag. Anyt (MORE)

What is a grey shirt baseball player in div. III?

Grayshirt is a term used when an athlete is accepted as part of the team, but delays his enrollment at his future college. This is done so that his eligibility clock does not (MORE)

What is mythology and an example?

The term mythology can refer to either the study of myths or a body of myths. For example, comparative mythology is the study of connections between myths from different cultu (MORE)

What is different between div class and div id?

'Class' refers to a set of CSS attributes that can be assigned to  multiple divs to give them all the same attributes. If a user  wanted to display 4 divisions of his page ( (MORE)