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What is a diva?

Diva means a famous female opera singer, or a prima donna. It canbe used more generically to mean any successful female entertainer,such as a singer. Some do let the fame and (MORE)

What rhymes with Diva?

Some words which rhyme with diva are. teether. lever. believer. beaver. retreiver. receiver. cleaver. leaver. neither. either. weaver. deceiver. Viva.

How can you be a WWE diva?

THIS IS FROM WWE CARRERS. Job Title: On Air Talent Description: ON-AIR TALENT STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT World Wrestling Entertainment, the global leader in sports entertai (MORE)
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Is tulisa a diva?

No she is a very down to earth person who is very humble and is 100% not a diva.
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How do you be a divas championship?

To become the Diva's Champion, you must beat the current Diva's Championship belt holder. Currently, AJ Lee is the WWE's Diva's Championship Belt holder.