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What are divergent boundaries?

Divergent boundaries are areas where continental or oceanic plates are moving away from each other and creating new crust. Examples would be the Mid-Oceanic Ridge and the East ( Full Answer )
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What is divergence?

The word divergence means separation, parting or moving indifferent directions. Examples: As we have grown older, my brother's and my taste in music hasdiverged - I prefer c ( Full Answer )
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What is a divergent?

Divergent means to turn away from the path. You can divert a stream so it will go in a different way.
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What is divergant?

Well divergant is a is the spreading of the tectonic plates (thats to do with science) It has to do with the rubing of the plates which make/forms Valcanoes as well as Earthqu ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about Divergent?

This is for a school project isnt it? Facts about Divrgent: -The main character is Tris -She lives in the future -The city is separated into Factions
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Was it a divergent earthquake?

If this is what you mean, then hear : Divergent boundary: this is where the plates separate and move apart. They often form a rift zone. Most are located on the oceanic flo ( Full Answer )
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What is divergence in evolution?

Divergence is the growing apart of two lineages - lines of descent.Divergence may occur at the morphological, behavioural anddevelopmental level, and will always occur at the ( Full Answer )
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In Divergent is Four Divergent?

No, Four isn't divergent although he can manipulate simulations. He finds out in Allegiant, the 3rd book of the series.
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Can you be divergent?

Actually divergence depends on genetics. If you have healed genes when you are young you are divergent. If you habe damaged genes, you aren't.
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What do divergent do in the book Divergent?

In that world, being Divergent means you don't belong to just oneof the 5 factions. You can think independently and the governmentcan't control you, therefore they consider yo ( Full Answer )