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How do divers get the bends?

  It has to do with the change in pressure on the body. The Bends happen when the body experiences a quick decrease in pressure. We mostly associate The Bends with a dive (MORE)

What is a holy diver?

  "Holy Diver" refers to Satan's descent to hell, or his "dive." The lyrics deal with Revelations 12:9 where Satan was cast to earth. The tiger is symbolic of the wild bea (MORE)
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What is a soccer diver?

  someone who cheats by pretending they have been fouled ...and they are termed a diver Francis Lee who played for Manchester City in 60's & 70's was a diver !
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What is divers bends?

divers bends is when two gay people have sex the the blood pressure rises and their dicks burst

What is plural of diver?

The plural form for the noun diver is divers. Example: "My father was a pearl diver; in fact all the men in my family were pearl divers."
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What are skin divers?

Skin divers are people who dive into the ocean without using special equipment, unlike Scuba divers.
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How do you get a divers license?

These days, in most states, you need at least a birth certificateand social security card to get a driver's license. In some states,you might also need proof of insurance if y (MORE)
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What is an autem diver?

An autem diver is an obsolete term for a churchwarden or overseer of the poor, which came to mean a person who was a pickpocket who practised his business in church.
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