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How do divers get the bends?

  It has to do with the change in pressure on the body. The Bends happen when the body experiences a quick decrease in pressure. We mostly associate The Bends with a dive (MORE)
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Why do scuba divers wear wetsuits?

Scuba Divers wear wetsuits for the purpose of staying warm and protection. Wetsuits are named wetsuits because they get you wet. Water goes into the wetsuit and gets trapped. (MORE)
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Do divers hear better underwater?

They can hear more, but not better. Because of the density of water, vibrations are changed in pitch, and may be muffled and garbled. Since clarity is the most important fac (MORE)
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Why do scuba divers go in backwards?

It's easier to walk in fins backwards. Plus you have a lot of gear strapped to your back, so going backwards ensures you won't hit it on whatever you're jumping off of.
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Where is waldo deep sea divers?

He's on the blue and white boat near the rock with all of the mermaids on it
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What is the deepest diver by a us navy diver?

Having spent over 18 years as a Navy Diver/ Saturation Diver and one who stays in pretty good touch with our community I take a shot at this. The answer is based on definitio (MORE)
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Why divers die in blue hole?

Most of those who have died in these flooded caves were not cave-divers but open-water divers whose curiosity got the the better of them. Not understanding caves, caving or ca (MORE)

Why do swimers and divers take shower?

It depends I am a swimmer and I always take a shower after swimming as the chlorine in the water can make your skin dry and smell however some swimmers and diver will take a s (MORE)