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What is Diversity?

Genetic diversity is when members of the same species are different from each other. It is recognized a one of the keys to natural selection. Since this question is in the (MORE)

What is gender diversity?

Gender is not a silo under the topic of diversity because it affects every single human being on the planet. Put simply, we know that there are neurologcal and chemical differ (MORE)

What is diversion?

It is a break in the usual course of activity. Such as--> Getting a coffee was a great diversion from cleaning the floors. It also means a change in the usual path you are fo (MORE)
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What is regional diversity regional diversity?

Diversity refers to the acceptance and respect of all individualsregardless of their cultural or ethnic background, gender, age,education, sexual preference, or disability. Re (MORE)
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What is physical diversity?

Physical diversity describes a variety of physical characteristicsand abilities. For example, you can see physical diversity in plantstructures, as some are tall, some are dif (MORE)

What is multicultural diversity?

Multicultural diversity (or multiculturalism) refers to a societythat preserves different cultures and cultural identities withinitself. An example of a multicultural society (MORE)

Why is Pakistan diverse?

Because there are Punjabi people, Sindhi People, Serakai people,Pashtun people, Kashmiri people, Balochi people, Mohajjar people,etc :)
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What is a diversion?

A diversion is a distraction, usually on purpose, in order toaccomplish a nearby scenario. A dog barking might create adiversion in order for someone to sneak into a yard unde (MORE)