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What is microbial diversity?

Microbial diversity includes a large collection of organisms. It  indicates a variety of studies that are important for several  national purposes. It includes a range of va (MORE)
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What is diversity in telecom?

Diversity is a technic that improves the quality and reliability of  a wireless link, using two or more antennas. Each antenna will  recieve the same signal and the best, wh (MORE)
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What is a bio-diversity?

well bio means life and diversity means change and in our world of living things there are a lot of animals insects that live and we compare them by a word called classificati (MORE)

What are the advantage of diversity?

Diversity allows people to learn more about each other, the world and its different cultures. It also allows us to feel like we "fit in" and are "part of the world".
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What is diverse society?

a diverse society is a society in which there are different kinds of people. example=blacks whites asians Mexicans and Jews. these are different races which is diversity The (MORE)

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What is pretrial diversion?

9-22.010   Introduction   : Pretrial diversion (PTD) is an alternative to prosecution which seeks to divert certain offenders from traditional criminal justice proce (MORE)
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Is there unity in diversity?

no, there is no unity in diversity because there are many humans that are corrupted and have 50+ cows that are corrupted. there are 2 ways of being corrupt 1. do robberies 2.k (MORE)

What are diverse learners?

Students are diverse learners in terms of interests and abilities.  The term references students that are non-reading low achievers or  unmotivated. They may need extra help (MORE)