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What is microbial diversity?

Microbial diversity includes a large collection of organisms. It  indicates a variety of studies that are important for several  national purposes. It includes a range of va (MORE)
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What is diversity in telecom?

Diversity is a technic that improves the quality and reliability of  a wireless link, using two or more antennas. Each antenna will  recieve the same signal and the best, wh (MORE)

What is gamma diversity?

  Gamma diversity (γ-diversity) is a measure of biodiversity. It refers to the total biodiversity over a large area or region. It is the total of α and β diversity.  (MORE)
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Unity in diversity?

Unity in diversity allows a community with diverse peoples to use  their diversity positively, enjoying each others cultural heritage.

What is ideological diversity?

An ideology, in most contexts, is a set of basic beliefs or underlining ideas. A religious ideology would then mean a religious set of beliefs.   Diversity refers to a dif (MORE)
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Is there unity in diversity?

no, there is no unity in diversity because there are many humans that are corrupted and have 50+ cows that are corrupted. there are 2 ways of being corrupt 1. do robberies 2.k (MORE)

What is niche diversity?

The diversity of functions an organism can hold in its environment, and the diversity of habitats in which it can live. (Example) A shark is very niche diverse because it ca (MORE)

What are diverse learners?

Students are diverse learners in terms of interests and abilities.  The term references students that are non-reading low achievers or  unmotivated. They may need extra help (MORE)
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What is system diversity?

System diversity refers to the state of having different forms or  types within an organized body. In science, biodiversity refers to  the variety of life in a particular ec (MORE)

How do you define diversion?

'Diversion' can mean one of the following:   1) a turning away from the main course or direction   2) something that turns one away from the main course or direction  (MORE)