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What is diversification?

diversification is a strategy adopted by rational investors by spreading and committing their fund in several investment. ie, if one investment does bad the other want will do ( Full Answer )
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What is economic diversification?

A portfolio strategy designed to reduce exposure to risk by combining a variety of investments, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, which are unlikely to all move in the s ( Full Answer )
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What is tobacco diversification?

Tobacco diversification is the efforts to help famers move awayfrom the declining value of the tobacco. Vineyards are nowreplacing many of the traditional tobacco farms, bring ( Full Answer )
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What are advantages of diversification?

reducing risk of relying on only one or few income source . avoid cyclical or seasonal fluctuation by producing goods or services with different demand . achieving a higher ( Full Answer )
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What is product diversification?

The process of expanding business opportunities through additionalmarket potential of an existing product. Diversification may beachieved by entering into additional markets a ( Full Answer )
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What is concentric diversification?

concentric diversification . Type of diversification where a firm acquires or develops new products or services (closely related to its core business or technology) to enter ( Full Answer )
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What is farm diversification?

it means for the farmers to change there farms if your doing homework like me just say it means for the farmers to change there farm and it doesnt m ( Full Answer )
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What is unrelated diversification?

Unrelated diversification is a form of production expansion in which the firm enters into the production of a good or service that is unrelated to previous business activities ( Full Answer )
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What is agricultural diversification?

Agriculture diversification refer to the policy of a country to change the production of one major crop
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How does plant diversification lead to animal diversification?

The more different types of plants there are to eat the more different types of animals will adapt and speciate to eat them. Look at the adaptive radiation of Darwin's finches ( Full Answer )