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What is a diversified economy?

A diversified economy is one that is based on more than one thing.It's based on manufacturing, agriculture, trade, etc. rather thanjust one of those things. A diversified eco (MORE)
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What is a diversified trust?

A diversified trust is a comprehensive wealth management firm thatis employee-owned. The firm is based in the Southeast states suchas Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.

What is diversify?

To diversify is to minimize your risk through a wide variety of investments. These investments may include bonds, stocks (large cap, small cap, foreign), mutual funds, cash an (MORE)

What does diversified mean?

Diversified means "spread out" among various separate areas, categories, or fields. Diversified investments are those that include the various instruments such as stocks, bond (MORE)

What is a diversified portfolio?

Investing in different types of securities to reduce inherent risk in selecting one type of investment only. Example would be different types of bonds, or technology companies (MORE)

How do farmers diversify?

They find different enterprises to incorporate into their farming practices. For instance, producers who have a cow-calf operation could diversify their operation by retaining (MORE)

What is a sentence with diversify?

In order to ensure long-term viability, the company's president felt it was critical to diversify their product line, so they began manufacturing socks as well as shoes. ____ (MORE)

Why is it important to diversify?

It isn't necessarily important to diversify. If you want high risk and high reward then you do not want to diversify. Take a look in Forbes and see how many people got ther (MORE)

What is diversified agriculture?

When a farmer is engaged in a multitude of farm enterprises, it is referred to as diversified farming. If a large number of crop enterprises, with or without a number of non-c (MORE)