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What are dividends?

Earnings that are distributed to shareholders as dividends. They are stated in dollar amount per share and paid quarterly. Dividend Reinvestment Programs (DRP) give you the op ( Full Answer )
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What is a dividend?

General Math A dividend is the number that is divided by the divisor. The answer would be the quotient. In a mathematical sentence it would look like this: dividend divide ( Full Answer )
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What is dividend?

Well a dividend is the number inside of the box when you divide For example 25 divided by 5. In this case 25 is the dividend now to help you out if you dont want to rememb ( Full Answer )
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What is the dividend?

I think that dividend is cash back of dividend investors. It is a total return of money, which investor reinvested also. After retirement a retired person, also take benefit w ( Full Answer )
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What is Dividend Yield?

The dividend divided by the price per share - that % is your yield. If a dividend is $1 and the share price is $20, your yield is 5%
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What is a preferred dividend?

A preferred dividend is a hybrid stock of sorts. It can be used asboth an equity tool and a system of debt.
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What is the mening of dividend?

If you own shares in a publicly listed company (one where the shares are traded on a stock market ) then, if the company makes a profit in a year, the profit is divided by th ( Full Answer )
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A dividend is?

the money paid to the shareholders for sharing in the profits ofthe company. A+ . Also the number being divided in a division (equates to thenumerator in a vulgar fraction).
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What are the dividends?

1. A distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided bythe board of directors, to a class of its shareholders.
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What does dividend?

Dividend is a sum of money paid regularly by a company to itsshareholders out of its profits.