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What is Divine?

Answer   di·vine (dĭ-vīn') adj., -vin·er, -vin·est.   # ## Having the nature of or being a deity.  ## Of, relating to, emanating from, or being the expression (MORE)

What is Divination?

Divination is the art of reading the future using a focus. Some, but not all of the forms of divination include: Astrology (Western and Oriental), Auguries (Signs, Symbols (MORE)

What is divining?

  A Pagan Perspective   Diving is the art of foretelling the future. There are dozens of ways in which this is done. Some of the more popular include, Palmistry (palm (MORE)

What does a diviner do?

They use varying tools to predict things. Examples would be: using  Tarot Cards to predict the outcome of a situation. Using a set of  two rods/sticks to find water. Using c (MORE)

What is divine will?

God's Divine Will, meaning, that person not only does God's Will in that act but also God's Will comes into that person to do that act
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What are divine and non-divine religions?

Divine religions believe that man and a divine god communicate, literally speak to, someone that created them. A non-devine religion is one that does not believe in the abilit (MORE)

What is the divine plan?

Well, my child, like all things of value, there is a cost. It's a high one, but worth it. Your salvation awaits, operators are standing by, VISA/MasterCard/AmEx accepted!
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