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What is semen divination?

The use of semen to foretell the future or do magick. Like  semenancy or "spurt scrying". Chaos magick tradition among others.

Is god divine?

  God is divine! The definition of divinity is supreme-being and God-like. But another one is human-like and God-like. God is everything so he can be divine he made Jesus (MORE)

What is divine determinism?

The idea of divine determinism comes from the postulation that the divine is omniscient (all-knowing). If the divine is omniscient, then the divine must know everything. If t (MORE)

Divine in Japanese?

"Kami -object-" For example, Kami neko means divine cat, Kami inu means divine dog, etc.
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What are Divine Mysteries?

Biblical Definition of Mysteries   : Mysteries in the Bible are those things that are kept to be revealed by the Spirit of God only. These things are not discerned by the (MORE)

What is divine theory?

this is the oldest theory of how the state originated and was almost universally accepted in ancient and medieval times. it asserts that state is of divine origin for all poli (MORE)

What does divination mean?

The art of "divination" is "to divine" information that is hidden. Water witching (rhabdomancy) is divination. Peering into the future would be another divination art. Reading (MORE)

What rhymes with divine?

that's fine. rhymes with divine brine, bryne, cline, clyne, dhein, dine, ein, fein, feyen, fine, grine, guynn, gyn, hein, heine, heyen, hine, huynh, jain, klein, kleine, klin (MORE)