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Who is the dixie chicks members?

The dixie chicks members are Natalie Maines(lead singer)  Martie Maguire(she plays the violin/fiddle)  And last but not least Emily Robison(she plays the banjo,guitar,dobro, (MORE)

What are the dixie chicks worth?

The Dixie Chicks have a combined net worth of over 150 milliondollars according to Celebrity net worth.
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What is the meaning of the song Silent House by The Dixie Chicks?

This song is about a person struggling to cope with alzheimer's and other memory-loss related illnesses. I get the feeling that this woman is not dead, just moved to a nursing (MORE)

How many albums sold by dixie chicks?

Dixie Chicks have sold over 46 million Albums  Worldwide    Dixie Chicks "Thank Heavens for Dale Evans" 1990  300,000+   Dixie Chicks "Little Ol' Cowgirl" 1992  (MORE)

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