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Why do you get dizzy?

Dizziness is a symptom of many different body system conditions and mechanisms. One cause is disruption of the normal feedback to the brain about the body's position in space. (MORE)

Why are you dizzy?

If you spin around, centripetal acceleration pushes the fluid in your inner ear to the outsides of your body. These fluid chambers measure the tilt of your body and allow you (MORE)

Can horses get dizzy?

Yes Well at least i think so. When I lead my horse in circles he gets a little bit wobbly. A lot of animals get dizzy!
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What can you do to not get dizzy?

Well dont spin on anything and dont spin if u done it have a liedown and have some medicene ok
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What does dizziness come from?

Feelings of dizziness stem from the vestibular system, which includes the brain and the parts of the inner ear that sense position and motion, coupled with sensory information (MORE)
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