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Causes of dizziness?

Many health factors can contribute to dizziness. As the inner ear  is directly connected with the body's proprioception, damage or  inflammation of the ear can affect balanc (MORE)

Do bees get dizzy?

Dizzyness is usually caused by disturbances to the organ of balance, the semi-circular canals, in the inner ear. Bees don't have this organ, so can't be dizzy.
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Can cats get dizzy?

  Yes, they can. Like any mammal (humans included), cats rely on small fluid filled 'level gauge' in their inner ear. It tells them up form down, left from right by flowin (MORE)

Can you get dizzy in space?

The concept of getting dizzy is based on liquid that is somewhere inside your head near both of you ears. When you spin around and around, that liquid keeps swiahing around to (MORE)

Why do you get dizzy?

Dizziness is a symptom of many different body system conditions and mechanisms. One cause is disruption of the normal feedback to the brain about the body's position in space. (MORE)

Why do you get dizzy a lot?

There can be a lot of reasons ranging from a stroke to a problem in the inner ear to low blood pressure to many other neurological and cardiovascular problems. The best course (MORE)

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Why do we get dizzy after we run?

The body diverts more oxygen to the leg muscles and heart. When you  stop after vigorous running, the brain is temporarily short of  oxygen until the body's system catches u (MORE)